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Our mental health providers offer school-based mental health support for students, families and teachers. Services included 1-1 or group counseling and skill building activities for students with identified concerns or needs (our providers do not provide a therapeutic diagnosis). We also provide classroom instruction on a variety of topics such as social skills, self-esteem, and safe technology use. We believe that by providing early intervention and support, we can help students develop the skills to reach their full potential.


Designed for first responders, these wellness visits provide a safe space to discuss coping mechanisms for job-related stressors and foster self-awareness of physical, mental, and social wellness factors. While not intended for diagnosis or fitness-for-duty evaluations, wellness visits offer education and referrals for professional mental health support (if desired), all within a confidential and supportive environment. These visits are currently offered:

  • at your location

  • virtually (available state-wide)


We offer psychoeducation and presentations on Psychological First Aid, Trauma Informed Care, Conflict Management, Perinatal Mental Health and a wide variety of mental health topics to schools, public safety entities, businesses and other community partners.  Additionally, we can customize our presentations to suit the unique needs and requirements of your entity. Whether you have specific topics or areas of emphasis in mind, we can tailor our content to deliver a presentation that aligns with your organization's objectives.


Do you or your agency/business have a need for support following a critical incident? CISM is the implementation of the most appropriate crisis intervention strategies to best respond to your current situation. CISM has multiple components of care that can be used during and after a crisis that our ICISF trained professional can guide you through.


Jeanetta is an Iowa Department of Public Health and NASW approved supervisor and can provide individual or group supervision for LMSWs and T-LMHCs working towards independent licensure. She also offers consultation for fully licensed therapists on a variety of clinical areas.


Individual mental health counseling services coming soon!

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